Eco Printing.....

I recently was able to attend an outstanding workshop in Eco Printing offered by textile artist, Amelia Poole of Brooksville, ME. (

Eco printing is a natural printing process, which has gained much attention in recent years through the work and books of Australian textile artist, India Flint. Through eco printing, the naturally occurring pigments found in plant and leaf materials are transferred to fabric through a layering, bundling and steaming process. The resulting prints vary from detailed images of veins and leaf outlines to more ethereal markings of dots or color washes.

We worked with a variety of natural fabrics; linen, silks, cotton and blends, all pre-mordanted by Amelia, achieving a wide range of results. While some of the fabric revealed images that were crisp and distinct, other areas of the same piece were quite mottled and muddy.

I decided to try overprinting some of the muddy areas using similar leaves and textile inks—an experiment in “natural pigment printing meets human-made pigment printing,” a process I’ll continue to explore.

Summer in Maine

At this time of year, Maine abounds with galleries to explore and opportunities for taking art workshops and classes.

This summer I have work in a beautiful new gallery in Southwest Harbor, called Eclectia, which features a wonderful array of art work created by island artists.

Much of my summer is spent teaching in arts programs for young people on Mount Desert Island. This year marks my 20th season with Summer Festival of the Arts, a real celebration of arts across the spectrum and I will be returning to Camp Beech Cliff as well for Outdoor Art week.

In September, I'll be offering two workshops for adults at Maine Fiber College in Searsport. There are classes to appeal to all fiber interests offered in a spectacular setting. It's well worth looking at the program.(

And somewhere along the way, I hope to get into my studio....